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Dr. Stasney graduated from Family Practice residency in 1989. He has been in practice in Emergency Departments in several different states, holding both local and regional medical directorships for those locales. In 2006, after spending years seeing patients with persistent health problems frequently returning to emergency departments, he became interested in Integrative Health.

The journey to understanding health, not just illness began by joining the American Academy of Anti-aging (A4M), and taking courses, attending seminars by world renowned speakers, and completing an anti-aging fellowship. Years Younger MediSpa was born and now is Years Younger MD. Board prepared in anti-aging by A4M, he is offering natural hormone replacement, discovery of bowel disorder causes, IV nutritional therapy, and weight loss.

He does incorporate a five step plan for a healthier life, and believes all of us must do this. Hormones, Diet & Exercise, Toxin Reduction, Correct Supplements, and Healthy Sleep & Spirit have been the cornerstone of our practice.

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YYMD and Knoxville Integrated Medical Center are dedicated to helping patients achieve their optimal emotional and physical health. We help you make changes that offer a synergetic approach to health and wellness.

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